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“Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth.”


2017   Draughn, G.L., Allen, C.L., Routh, P.A., Stone, M.R., Kirker, K.R., Boegli, L, Schuchman, R.M., Linder, K.E., Baynes, R.E., James, G, Melander, C, Pollard, A, and Cavanagh, J. Evaluation of a 2-aminoimidazole variant as adjuvant treatment for dermal bacterial infections. Drug Des. Dev. Ther., 153-162.

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2005     Parish, D.A., Zhou, Z., Allen, C.L., Day, C.S. and King, B.S. A convenient method for the synthesis of N-hydroxyureas. Tetrahedron Letters, 46, 8841-8843.

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2017    Allen, C.L., Feldmann, E.A., Bobay, B.G., Stevens, M., Lucas J.L., Melander, R.J. , Zeng, D., Melander, C., and Cavanagh, J. Structure of the Francisella response regulator QseB receiver domain, and characterization of QseB inhibition by antibiofilm 2-aminoimidazole- based compounds. (in preparation)

2017    Allen, C.L., Draughn, G.L., Feldmann, E.A., Thompson, R.J., Schuchman, R.M., Wilder, P.T., Adipietro, K.A., Duff, K., Zimmer, D.B., Stowe, S.D., Cavanagh, J. A deeper investigation into the (non)interaction between calbindin D28k and caspase-3. (in preparation)

2017    Allen, C.L., Hover, B.M, Nicely, N.I. and McCafferty, D.G. The Crystal Structures of Both Unbound and Substrate-Bound Forms of E. coli Anhydromuramic Acid Kinase In Support of A Concerted Mechanism. (in preparation)

2017   Allen, C.L., Clancy, K.M. and McCafferty, D.G. The Transition State Model and Product Complexes of E. coli Anhydromuramic Acid Kinase and the Mechanistic Implications. (in preparation)

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